Chickasha Bassmasters
March 3 & 4, 2018 Results and upcoming tournament

We have a point system now to determine the Angler of the Year!

Results from our first "two" trips to Texoma.  Reminder - when we have 2-day events, all but the Championship are individual tournaments.

Make sure to look at the standings page for overall standings - if you see something "off" - please go to the contact page and fill out the form and let us know!!

Texoma - Saturday, March 3, 2018   - 25 teams, 6 places paid
1st - Team 28 - Wes Davis & Guest Mitch Mealton     100 pts    Big Bass - 6.15#
2nd - Team 18 - Johnny Scott & Doug Schaekel            99 pts     
3rd - Team 36 - Brandon Moss                                          98 pts
4th - Team 34 - Ryan Wasser & James Owens               97 pts    2nd Big Bass - 4.19#
5th - Team 22 - Tate Musae & Guest Kyler Patton   96 pts
6th - Team 26 - Billy Chapman & Drew McCord           95 pts

Team 28 had a winning weight of 19.81#

Drawing winner: Team 32 - Cole Williams & Guest Josh Ringle

Texoma - Sunday, March 4, 2018 - 24 teams, 6 places paid
1st - Team 4 - Chris & Carrie Duroy 100 pts Big Bass - 8.88#
2nd - Team 34 - Ryan Wasser & James Owens   99 pts
3rd - Team 36 - Brandon Moss   98 pts 2nd Big Bass - 5.56#
4th - Team 14 - Greg Seibold & Greg Ledford   97 pts
5th - Team 38 - Mark Reeves & Kevin Gardner   96 pts
6th - Team 20 - Dan Wallace & Gage Wallace   95 pts

Team 4 had a winning weight of 22.62#

Drawing winner: Team (let me know - didn't get written down!)

**If you fished as a guest this weekend, the next tournament you fish with us membership dues will be collected before the tournament.  Thank you!**

Next tournament:
Arbuckle - see front page for all details!!  It's on a SUNDAY!!  April 8, 2018

March 2018 - Members and team numbers

  1 - Jason Conaway, Larry Conaway - alternate - Lynn Conaway
  3 - Michael Chase, Dale Vail
  4 - Chris & Carrie Duroy
  5 - Pat Conaway
  6 - Toby Lyons, Johnnie Rogers
  7 - Alan Williams, Charley Young
  8 - Boe Fossett
  9 - Tom Hunter, Dale Shelton
 11 - Bob Fanning, Gilbert Copeland
 12 - Bryan Howard, Paul Thomas
 13 - Martin Hagg, Tom Martin
 14 - Greg Ledford, Greg Seibold
 18 - Doug Schaekel, John Scott
 19 - Steven Gilliam
 20 - Dan Wallace, Gage Wallace
 21 - Clay Strecker, Rory Strecker
 22 - Tate Musae
 23 - Jack Jones, Ryan Shetley
 24 - Thomas Tysdal, Joe Henson
 26 - Billy Chapman, Drew McCrod
 27 - Quinn Kroth
 28 - Wes Davis
 31 - Devin Smith, Cameron Roat
 32 - Cole Williams
 33 - Ricky Fain, Ronnie Fontenot
 34 - Ryan Wasser, James Owens
 35 - Chris Thompson, Calvin Alderman
 36 - Brandon Moss
 37 - Jerad Conley, Reynaldo Perez
 38 - Mark Reeves, Kevin Gardner

Welcome back to all of our returning teams and a big welcome to our new teams!  Look forward to seeing you in April at Arbuckle. 

New members have been sent to the OBF for approval.  

Have a great week!


Just curious who reads this page? if you do - please go to contact us and drop a note in the form to let me know what you want to see on this tab!!  Thanks!!

January 14, 2017

An interesting start to the year as always!  Tough time getting the Arbuckle permit again, so we swapped Arbuckle and Eufaula.  This also works out to help with any teams wishing to fish the NSF Qualifiers.  Our tournaments line up with the first two, however the third is our Arbuckle tournament.. and they are at Hudson.  So you can fish Aruckle and head up to hudson for one day if you still need one good score.  Or you can choose to fish both days at hudson and not come to Arbuckle.  Totally up to you.

The membership form has been updated.  And if you are planning on fishing the NSF Qualifiers or FLW tournaments... I need your membership forms ASAP.  Check out the forms tab and you will find the updated sheet there.

the top 6 falls on top of our murray tournament and doesn't allow us to follow our rules, so we'll have to see who qualifies and who would want to travel to grand lake instead of fishing murray.  if nobody wants to go, totally understandable!  

if you have questions about anything, please let us know and we will do our best to make corrections or explain anything.

wishing you much fishing success this year!!

January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

We're looking forward to this year's schedule, permits are on the books, so we've added the ramps for all as well as the times.

Please take note about Arbuckle & Murray swapping!  Murray is now April 11 and Arbuckle is now October 10.  Due to their 1 tournament per day rule, we were just nudged out by another call at midnight.  It seems it was a popular date as 4 people total had requests in for that date.  Whether we like it or not, it is there rules and we are going with it.  So they had the October date available, so we swapped those two tournaments.  Everything else should be good.  Stay warm - be sure to follow us on Facebook!!

December 7, 2014
Okay - we decided to add the lakes - Permits will be going out soon, Arbuckle can't be done until January 1, 2015 - will update as soon as I can for ramps.

December 6, 2014

Winter is upon us, the fishing season has ended for most.  The days are short and the nights are long... soon it will be time to be on the water, see the world wake up and go chase little green fishies again!  

Until then, do inventory, restock, get some line, clean out the boat, organize your stuff, plan your budget.  It's something to do in the off time.  might even sneak off to a pond or two!

Tonight was the annual meeting at the bank in Chickasha to set the schedule for next year.

One rule amendment - stating clearly that at least one person in the boat must be over 18, and the other if under 18 and not fishing with a parent/guardian, must have a signed release form from a parent/guardian allowing them to fish.

Everyone seems pleased with the payout schedule that we changed a year ago, there are no changes in fees.

Officers were voted to stay the same so:

Jason Conaway - President
Pat Conaway - Vice President
Lynn Conaway - Secretary/Treasurer

Jason & Pat share the Tournament Director seat

The dates are posted on the schedule page, will post the lakes as we get permits back in.

We already had some brand new members at the meeting, so welcome!  We averaged 16 boats per tournament last year - would love to see that average sitting around 20 at least - spread the word!!

Be sure to follow us on facebook too!  Want to start posting more content - so take pictures before the tournament, while your fishing or during weigh-in and email them to us with any info - date/lake or story so we can get it posted!!  The more follows, posts and like of posts we have will keep out page more active and in front of more people!

Advertising:  Please help support the cost of running the website with your $25 donation - with this donation you get a business card sized ad on the Links page.

Shirts:  Selling shirts is a fundraiser, we don't make a lot extra, however every little bit helps!  We have a small order right now and a few more so we can send in.  These shirts are screen printed, therefore we have to have a minimum of 10 to send in for them to be printed.  Please find the order form on the Rules and Forms page.

Donations:  With these donations, we were able to have a 2nd Big Bass that paid $75 and a drawing for $50 (if you didn't win anything else).
                 Thank you to the following for donations for 2nd Big Bass and the Drawing for 2014:
                      C&D Concrete
                      Chickasha Industrial & Welding Supply, Inc
                      Jackson Manufacturing
                      Johnnie Rogers

2015 donations are already being committed to - and at this time will make 2nd big bass $100 & the the drawing $100.  
                 Commitments already from:
                      C&D Concrete
                      Chickasha Industrial & Welding Supply, Inc
                      Jackson Manufacturing
                      Johnnie Rogers
                      SWX Clean
                      Utility Trailer

If you would like to donate, please let us know.  Options for other donations:
                  3rd big bass
                  2nd drawing
                  gift cards
                  gas cards
                  plaques for regular tournaments or Championship
                  end of year recognition plaques
                  Chickasha Bassmaster hoodies/shirts to give away at the Championship or regular tournaments
                  or anything else that you think would be appropriate!

I hope to maintain the website and Facebook page better - so please offer kind suggestions if needed!!  I have enjoyed being a part of this club over the years and watching it grow and evolve into what it is today.  Looking forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for supporting me.  :) Lynn 

May 12, 2014

Happy Monday to all!

Hope all the Mother's and mother-link people out there had a beautiful day yesterday.

I guess the wind is going to be this years theme, although as I write this, it doesn't seem to be blowing too much, so maybe there is hope!

Great turnout Saturday - although the day seemed interesting from what I hear.  

Here are the stats from Saturday:

Results for Murray:
# teams 21
# Fish 93
# Dead 1
# Limits 20
Total Weight 113.93

1st #28 - Kuykendall/Kuykendall        11.63#
2nd #6   - Roger/Lyons                       8.87#
3rd #25 - Thompson/Coates               7.60#
4th #20 - Wallace/Wallace                 7.16#
5th                   #27 - Sims/Mild                           6.38#

Big Bass #28 - Kuykendall/Kuykendall        3.77#
2nd Big Bass #25 - Thompson/Coates               2.84# 

Drawing #22 - Betterton/Betteron

April 28, 2014

And the wind blows...we know you are just as tired of the wind as we are!  Hopefully it will lay down in the next couple of weeks for a beautiful day at Murray.

Results for Arbuckle:
# teams 20
# Fish 41
# Dead 0
# Limits 4
Total Weight 110.93

1st #15 - Steelman   21.99#
2nd #7   - Young/Williams 21.83#
3rd #22 - Betterton/Betterton 16.00#
4th #20 - Wallace/Wallace 12.55#

Big Bass #7 - Young/Williams 4.54#
2nd Big Bass #15 - Steelman 4.34# 

Drawing #19 - Priddy/Fisher

(The drawing is a cash prize that was donated by Johnnie Rogers & C&D Conrete - for anyone that did not place or get a big bass prize - so be sure to stick around - you must be present to win!!)

Second Big Bass is sponsored by C&D Concrete & Chickasha Industrial & Welding Supply

Next tournament at Murray!  Marina ramp - Jason will be there for about 30 minutes to take entries/memberships - feel free to mail in by April 30, 2014 or bring by Lynn's office in Blanchard by May 8, 2014.

April 1 2014

18 days until Arbuckle - are you ready!  Standings page has been updated.  If you have been fishing with us for a while, your team number may have changed.  It was voted in December to redo the here are the team #'s as they are today: (not all teams listed have joined as of this posting.  If not join this year, these numbers will be reused by a different team next year)  My apologies for not posting this earlier!!

Team #         Person 1               Person 2 Alternate
1 Jason Conaway Larry Conaway
2 Kirk Reinke
3 Dale Vail Micheal Chase
4 Chris Duroy Carrie Duroy
5 Patrick Conaway Joel Conaway
6 Johnnie Rogers Toby Lyons
7 Charley Young Alan Williams
8 Boe Fossett
9 Tom Hunter Dale Shelton
10 Keith Fritzemeyer John Carlile
11 Bob Fanning Johnny Fanning
12 Brian Howard Paul Thomas Les Howard
13 Bruce Ortega
14 Jack Jones Ryan Shetley
15 Robbie Steelman Cory Miller
16 Lonnie Daniels Connie Daniels
17 Mike Hale Courtney Posey
18 Larry Farrar Don Jones
19 Lance Priddy Lance Fisher
20 Dan Wallace Gage Wallace
21 Rodney Whisenhunt Grady Harrell
22 Ronnie Betterton Matt Betterton
23 John Forsythe Tom Howell Austin Forsythe
24 JJ Taylor, Jr Tony Latta
25 Scott Coats Rick Thompson
26 Ron Brown
27 Bryan Sims  Jacob Mild

So, here's the stats for that first tournament of the year..

# teams 18
# Fish 41
# Dead 0
# Limits 4
Total Weight 99.11

1st #24 - Latta/Landry 13.47#
2nd #20 - Wallace/Wallace 13.45#
3rd #27 - Sims/Mild 12.95#
4th #19 - Priddy 11.34#

Big Bass #19 - Priddy 4.54#
2nd Big Bass #24 - Latta/Landry 4.34# 

Drawing #10 - Fritzemeyer/Carlile

(The drawing is a cash prize that was donated by Johnnie Rogers & C&D Conrete - for anyone that did not place or get a big bass prize - so be sure to stick around - you must be present to win!!)

Next tournament at Arbuckle!  Guy Sandy - Jason will be there for about 30 minutes to take entries/memberships - feel free to mail in by April 9, 2014 or bring by Lynn's office in Blanchard by April 17, 2014.  

Have a great month - happy fishing!

March 2014
Hello all!  We hope 2014 is going well for you!!  A couple things as our upcoming tournament approaches...

Membership Forms & Entry forma are on website - click HERE

Rules have been update if you haven't seen them yet - HERE

We started taking advertising to help support the website and to help promote local business - if you are interested, please contact us.  EMAIL

Membership is still $60 per person - under the age of 16 is only $10.  If you are one of the few life members of FLW, please contact the secretary before sending in your membership dues.

Tournament entries are now $70 as per the vote in December.  $10 is for Big Bass and $60 is the regular entry.  Payout remains at 80%, however the number of payouts has changed.  Instead of the set 4 place payout - we'll pay out one place per every 4 boats.  We are trying to help whomever gets the last place payout at least the entry, maybe a bit more back.  

Upcoming tournament is at Lake Texoma - be sure to do your research and learn about the ramps that you can use - one side of the campground ramp on the main lake side of Catfish Bay is open, Alberta Creek is open - there are some others.

See you March 22, 2014!!!

February 2014
As our yo-yo weather keeps going - we wonder what will be for the start of our tournament season!  One day is beautiful, the next frozen!  Fingers crossed for good weather in March!

January 2014
Just a short note - winter is upon us and I know you are ready to get fishing!  It will be time soon enough.  Stay warm, enjoy the nice days.  Get those rods & reals ready and we'll see you in March!

Also - like the new logo? You can order this awesome logo on Hoodies, Long sleeve or short sleeve Tees.  Visit the Rules and Forms page for the order form.

Last year we had a low turnout and the club did suffer a bit.  We thank everyone that donated for different things throughout the year to help out. We appreciate  you!!

ps..make sure to check out the rules as a few have changed, as always - give us a shout if you have any questions.

December 2013...
We didn't do so well with Newsletters in 2013.  We promise to do
much better in 2014!!!!

Have a great Holiday season and we'll see you in March!!