Chickasha Bassmasters

 Schedule - 2017

**For those that were
at the meeting in December,
the Arbuckle and Eufaula tournaments have
changed places.**

Click here for printable Schedule

       Date               Lake                  Ramp                Start - Stop Time    Check in Time

March 18          Texoma               Catfish Bay             7:15am-3:15pm   3:30pm
April 22              Eufaula               Eufaula Cove north   6:30am-2:30pm    2:45pm
April 23              Eufaula               Eufaula Cove north   6:30am-2:30pm    2:45pm
May 6                Arbuckle              Guy Sandy                6:15am-2:15pm    2:30pm
June 3               Murray                North Ramp               6:00am-2:00pm    2:15pm
July 15              Texoma               Catfish Bay                6:15am-2:15pm    2:30pm
July 16              Texoma               Catfish Bay                6:15am-2:15pm    2:30pm
August - stay cool! no tournaments
Sept 9               McGee Creek      Buster Hight              6:45am-2:45pm    3:00pm
Sept 10             McGee Creek      Buster Hight              6:45am-2:45pm    3:00pm

Championship Weekend
October 14 & 15

Lake Murray (Oct 14)
Lake Arbuckle (Oct 15)
7:15am - 3:15pm - 
check-in by 3:30pm
!!!no time change this time!!!

This two-day event is a combined total weight for both days.
Would love to have someone sponsor a plaque for First and Big Bass maybe??

( One member of the team must fish half of the tournaments {{for 2017 this is 5}} and the partner must      
be a paid member and fish at least one tournament to qualify for the championship )

Entry Forms
 - bring with you when you pay before the tournament or mail them in.
Mail in cut off dates are about 10 days prior to tournament date.  Lakes that have two dates (other than the championship) are separate tournaments, therefore separate entries are to be paid for each that will be fished.  Please fill out a separate form for each day.  The Championship has a different form as it is a combined 2-day event.

We encourage you to mail in your entries as it is just easier at the tournaments.

2017 State Level Tournaments

March 18 & 19           NSF Qualifier - Texoma
April 22 & 23              NSF Qualifier - Eufaula
May 6 & 7    NSF Qualifier - Hudson

Sept 16-17            National Semi-Final (Arkansas & Oklahoma only)
                                    Lake Dardanelle


SQT tournaments are a one entry fee for all six days ($300 - $50/day), they take your best four days and determine the people that move on to the national semi-final.

There is no more 12-person team and the Divisionals as you knew them have changed. now it's a national semi-final, and how many get to fish this depends on how many fish the state level events - and to better explain the rest, I'll let TBF do that for me! Click
HERE for the run-down...

Top 6 Tournament June 3 - June 4 - Grand Lake
This is on top of our Murray tournament, and also with them being so much earlier, our rule of "*Must be paid member and fish at least 5 of first 7 tournaments" doesn't exactly apply anymore... this will have to be revisited in December if the state continues
to hold the Top 6 earlier in the year.